Friday, May 24, 2013

Pepper Plant - Kitchen Art

Pepper plant food poster - My latest kitchen art done by watercolor on an A3 sized acid free watercolor paper. 


  1. This brings back memories--we had a pepper tree in our yard when I was growing up, I remember those little 'seed pods' and their smell. I don't think it was the kind that they harvest peppercorns from, but it was much like this!

  2. Actually, this is the kind that they harvest peppercorns from, both white and black peppers! The only different between white and black pepper is the making process. Black peppers are come from those little 'seed pods' put directly under the sunlight until very dry. And, when soak those little 'seed pods' in water, clear the outer shells and we can get the white peppers.

    Remember, both black and white peppers are come from the same plant! Hope you enjoy!